• Site Selection
    Project: Marketplace at Santee, Client: Capmark Bank

    Information on topography, access, zoning, traffic, and building expansion capabilities is gathered and analyzed, taking into account each client's individual needs and project goals. McDonnell Group is then able to assist a client with the final selection of a site that best meets their financial as well as functional requirements.

  • Master Planning
    A comprehensive facility plan is created based upon our analysis of a client's current and future space needs, and identified plans for changes or additions to existing facilities. This planning process includes the identification of milestone dates for future project phases.
  • Building Programming
    In order to achieve the most effective design, it is first necessary to develop basic criteria for planning an existing building or a new building. R2KS Design + Build initial planning efforts take into account the building floor plate size, core and shell with special consideration of access, passenger and freight elevators, fixed facilities, and unique architectural, mechanical, and electrical requirements.
  • Architectural Design
    A team of design professionals address all aspects of design with the client's specific objectives in mind. The achievement of innovative, functional, aesthetic, and cost effective designs result in continuing client satisfaction.
  • Structural Engineering
    R2KS Design + Build consulting structural engineers have experience with a variety of framing systems on both short and long-span structures. Our designs not only ensure structural stability and safety, but also cost efficiency. In addition to providing design for new structures, our consulting engineers also play a key role in the review, analysis and design of existing structures.
  • Mechanical Engineering
    McDonnell Group provides comprehensive engineering and management services in mechanical engineering for commercial, industrial and residential facilities. Our consulting engineers emphasize energy efficiency and incorporate state-of-the-art control systems. During the review of existing facility systems, as well as for new construction, our engineers can solve design and operating problems with creative and practical approaches that lower operating costs.
  • Electrical Engineering
    R2KS Design + Build consulting engineers design power supply and distributions for commercial, industrial and residential facilities. As a team, we carefully consider client needs, local utility capabilities, and operating costs in designing or redesigning a system. In addition to professional design work, R2KS Design + Build consulting engineers offer a number of planning and review services in the electrical area including utility rate studies and projections, condition analysis, and economic studies for existing facilities and design projects.